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Your baby's birth is one of the most important and profound experiences of your life, and your memories of it will stay with you forever. A Birth Doula is a person who is experienced in childbirth who can provide physical and emotional support when you need it most.



Like any skill, breastfeeding takes time to figure out. By attending a breastfeeding class while pregnant, you will be one step ahead. Gain information on what's important to know during those first few weeks, and get your baby off to the best start in life.



It's no secret that babies crave to be held. Studies show that when this need is met, babies cry less, develop quicker, and grow up to be more secure and independent. A good fitting baby sling, is a valuable parenting tool that can help you to carry your baby, with your hands free.

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Antenatal Breastfeeding Class
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Hospital Bag, for labour and birth

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you need to bring in to hospital for both you and your baby. So I have asked around and trawled through some parenting websites, to bring you an all inclusive list that will hopefully help you to get organised for your visit. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could just give birth at home, and not have to worry about all of this nonsense?! With no community midwives in Donegal though, I’m afraid that’s not really an option here right now, so we’ll just have to do our best to make the hospital our home for a few days! So how do we do that? We begin with a list. What are the necessities, and what would be really nice to have with us. When we figure this out, it should help to make our stay as comfortable as possible.

Labour bag.

It’s nice to keep this separate, so that you have everything you need for labour and birth within easy reach. One great tip I came across was, to keep the baby’s items in a sandwich bag, that way it will be nice and easy to reach for, when the time comes.


Front opening night dress
Vest top
Fitted nursing bra
Bikini (for comfort for bath and/or shower)
Ordinary socks & fluffy socks
Slippers & Flip Flops
Fitted nursing bra
Dark pjs for after
2 packs of dark underwear
2 packs of kotex sanitary pads
Favourite blanket (familiarity helps foster security)
Drinking straw – easy way to stay hydrated
No flame candle, and keep the lights turned down
Calming essential oils (such as lavender)
Lip balm & moisturising cream
Massage oil
Hair bobbles & hair grips
1 towel & 1 face cloth
Playlist of your favourite, and most relaxing music
Antenatal record


These items can be stored in a sandwich bag, that way they’ll be kept together and will be easy to find.

1 nappy
1 mediswab (alcohol wipe for bellybutton)
1 vest
1 sleepsuit
1 blanket
1 pillowcase (perfect size to use as a sheet for cot)

Bag for Hospital Stay


4 pairs of dark pjs that open easily at the front (skin to skin time with baby)
vest tops
2 fitted nursing bras
4 packs of dark underwear
4 packs of kotex sanitary pads
Witch Hazel (very soothing when put on pads after a natural delivery)
Water bottle with sports cap (add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and squirt down below after bathroom visits. Again, very soothing)
Light dressing gown
Socks, slippers and flip flops
Reading material or kindle for while baby’s feeding
Lanolin or coconut oil
Arnica (for swelling or bruising)
Breast pads
Hair bobbles
Hair brush & Hair dryer
Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, moisturising cream)
2 bath towels & 1 face cloth
Bag for used clothes (could send these home with someone to wash for you)
Comfortable clothes for going home
Snacks to get you through the night!


1 baby towel
6 Sleepsuits & 6 Vests
2 Baby Blankets
2 Cotton pillow cases (cot sheets)
Newborn Nappies
1 roll of cotton wool
Mediswabs (alcohol wipes for bellybutton)
Comfortable clothes for going home
Car seat (bring to ward at time of discharge)

Did you find this list useful? Is there anything you’d add, or leave off completely? Leave a comment and let us know!